Sunday, November 10, 2013

My Raw Brownie Bites

These Raw Brownie Bites are my own recipe and are delicious if you are a dark chocolate lover. Healthy healthy healthy....

1 cup Raw Organic Cacao Powder ( you can substitute Raw Carob if you want but the result is not as good or healthy)
1/2 cup Virgin Organic Coconut Oil ( melted in a cup over warm water)
2 tspns powdered orange rind( see below) or use fresh zest from organic oranges
Zest of one organic lemon
Juice of half an organic lemon
3 teaspoons of organic Ceylon or Sri Lankan Cinnamon ( not Cassia, as it is not true cinnamon)
1 tspn organic Cardamon powder
1/2 cup organic medjoul dates ( chopped)
1/2 cup each organic almonds and walnuts (chopped)
1 tspns pure vanilla essence
pinch of sea, himalayan or celtic salt
handful of organic Goji Berries

Optional: few drops peppermint or lavender essence
Put into either silicon choc moulds or slice tin and freeze a while.... yum

Note: To make powdered orange or lemon peel just dry the peel of organic fruit  ( I just leave on a plate on table). When crisp then pop in blender or grinder until powdered. Keep in fridge.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Collage 'Fleur'

Part of my 'Fleur' Collage...

Pam Carrikers Workshop Giveaway....

Here is the opportunity to win a spot in the very talented Pam Carriker's 'Still Pursuing Portraits ' Workshop... go forth and give it a try. Pam is an amazing talent whom I have followed for many years through collage and journalling.

And yes I have been tardy about posting on this site.. sorry.... well meant plans were interrupted but I will try hard yet again to be a blogger of note...

Friday, December 14, 2012

Magazine Xmas Tree

My magazine xmas tree. two and a half magazines, stapler and a wooden or cardboard star...
30 minutes of your time and voila a gorgeous recycled xmas tree..... I will be putting the instructions on etsy soon if you are interested

Friday, May 4, 2012

Homemaker in Heels

For those of you from Homemaker in Heels
 who thought you would be sent straight to my facebook account I apologise. I am trying to amend this as we speak. But you can get there to LIKE me from this link

thankyou so much

Note... Stephanie has made the conference so no need for donations now
thankyou to all

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Help Stephanie help others...

Joyuslion (stephanie voss) has an opportunity to go to a conference to be trained to help At-risk teens, battered women, the homeless, prisoners, AA and NA members, even her friends and blog readers! The program at this conference will train her to go into prisons, shelters and even schools to tell people that the Universe is on their side, that life can be beautiful! She needs to raise $1,000 in 3 weeks! Please consider helping her to help more and more people with her inspirational work! We believe that this can be done! Help make it happen!
Here's the link to paypal:
or Contact stephanie at to send a check!
Love and Light to you always, stephanie xoxoxoxoxox

SOUL SURVIVAL KIT: Join the Free Workshop Starting April 1st!!!!
           Grow * Discover * Heal

Stephanie Voss (Joyuslion) Silent Auction
Status: $654    Goal: $1,000
We are getting there people’s!!!!!
Here are the auction details and if you would like to follow on FB you can find me at Joy Uslion !!!!
 Original Mixed Media Paper Pieced Collage by Nancy Baumiller!!! 
This piece was created on 8.5 x 11 heavy cardstock 
Background is painted with acrylics and doodled with a variety of pens. 
Images from Crowabout StudioB kits: Body Language (Legs), Beautiful You (Face/hat), Paper Dolls (jacket). 
Images from Tumble Fish Studio kits: Journal Words (Words-"Art is the reflection of your soul humming."  put together from a variety of words and separate letters), Odd Magic (Bunny/Floor/Wand/"Greatest Marvel"/"Magic"), Girl Whimsy (Dress), Boots & Wings also from Marsha (I believe to be pre-DS images) ???
 Bird-Hands-#2-Personal Stash
 Artwork is signed on back with artists info
Here is how this will work: you message me with your bid before 12:00 pm EDT, Sunday April 22, and on Monday I will announce who won the auction and will contact the artist with your name and address and she will send you the piece!
Bids will open at $15. Have fun!!!! xoxoxoxoxox
ps.... multiple bids of the same amount will be settled by a random drawing! :-)